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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

"The Reddest Of Red Carpets For Trump" - Jacob Rees-Mogg

 Jacob Rees-Mogg. If you say the name out loud, (but preferably not in public), what does the mind conjure up? Keep it clean...

Mega-rich Jacob is the Tory MP for North East Somerset, not a million miles from 'sunny' Swindon. With a Walter from The Beano-like appearance, his poshness wouldn't be out of place in the Royal Family. That's the ones who aren't subject to the Tories household benefit cap that wave from a balcony every now and then, not the rather funny sitcom.

Who in their right mind would suggest £250,000 is "chicken feed"? Jacob Rees-Mogg - Do you think the 124,000 homeless children and their families would find a quarter of a million as a bit of spare change you might lose down the back of the sofa? What a crass out-of-touch fool.

Jacob is a landlord of rental properties. A nice little side-earner if you can afford the initial investment, and to be clear, I'm not implying Jacob is doing anything that's against the rules. But I will say this:

Why on earth did Jacob vote AGAINST landlords being forced to fit smoke alarms to rented properties? Personally, I find this abhorrent.

Furthermore, why did Jacob vote AGAINST landlords being legally required to ensure rented properties are 'fit for human habitation'? Incredibly,
another 70 Tory landlord MPs did exactly the same thing.

What about the conflict of interest here? 

Last night, Jacob popped up on the news, as he often does, to tell the world we should welcome Donald Trump on his state visit, in fact, we should roll out "the reddest of red carpets". What planet is he on exactly? He said himself back in October that he would vote for Trump so this shouldn't really be a massive surprise, but does this not just go further in proving how out-of-touch Rees-Mogg really is with 21st century Britain?

Its almost as if the Brexit vote has given him some sort of licence to be even more of a fool.

The saddest thing about it? We pay for this fool.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Disgraceful Rise Of Rough Sleeping In Tory Britain - Buried Under Brexit And Trump

Every single time I see some sort of statistics for homelessness and rough sleeping the figures only ever seem to go in one direction. And that is upwards, at an alarming rate of knots. 

I take a special interest in this because of my families own personal circumstances. I can't understate the crisis, I'll leave that to the British mainstream media. I'm on the inside of these statistics, certainly not through choice, but I'm here, I can see the suffering, I can see what's really going on, and I promise you, its damn ugly. The taxpayer are funding private landlords with the most lavish lifestyles imaginable, and they (mostly) couldn't give a shit about their tenants all the time the inflated rent is rolling into their bank account. They know local authorities up and down the land simply do not have the homes, or even the most basic of accommodation for a family or individual that may have fallen upon hard times. Council's have people living in motorway service stations. I don't know how many, but 1 is 1 too many.

Here's an example of who wins: A row of 3 houses in my street, all 3 bedroomed, mid-terrace, on a council estate. All of the houses are virtually identical, very small, with small back gardens. One is rented privately by a working family for £795 a month. The other 2 are both ran by a letting agent on behalf of "their client" and let to Swindon Borough Council's homeless department, for a grand sum of £1275 per month, for each house. People need to understand, the chronic lack of homes means only one person benefits from the taxpayer, and that is the private landlord. I can absolutely guarantee you, this situation is going to get much much worse. The Tories benefit cap will make sure of that, just wait and see.

We now live in a society where false promises are the norm, and accepted. Where a plea for help is met with total silence. Less and less people give a shit about each other, everyone always wants a scapegoat for every problem. The government are happy to go along with that as it means they are not being blamed. This really gets to me.

They currently have Brexit and Cruella's visit to Tango-faced Trump causing a smokescreen for the shambolic mess they are causing in government. Your NHS is on the brink of collapse and Theresa May refuses to rule out allowing American Corps to slice it open with even deeper privatisation. Does that not tell you what the Tories really think of the NHS?

Anyway, the latest statistics for rough sleeping were released this week. I knew they were coming, I just didn't know how bad they would be. The headline figures make for horrific reading.

Since the Tories came to power in 2010, along with their Liberal Democrat co-defendants, rough sleeping has MORE THAN DOUBLED. On any one night there are 4,134 people sleeping on the streets. This is an increase of 16% on last year. In my opinion, in a country of such wealth, this should be a national scandal, not just a brief mention before we all start discussing what gifts the Prime Minister is taking over to Washington

Research by St Mungo's the homelessness charity, found 4 in 10 rough sleepers had mental health problems, 41% needed help with alcohol dependency and 31% with drug abuse. Its chief executive, Howard Sinclair, said cuts in welfare and services covering mental health, drug and alcohol abuse had contributed to the rise. 

He said: "There is no single reason. People who end up on the streets are not just homeless and getting somewhere to stay is not the only problem. We have seen cuts to services as part of the austerity agenda but also a lack of affordable housing, particularly in the south."

Jon Sparkes, the chief executive of homelessness charity Crisis, said: "Behind these statistics are thousands of desperate people, sleeping in doorways, bin shelters, stations and parks - anywhere they can find to stay safe and escape the elements. "Rough sleeping ruins lives, leaving people vulnerable to violence and abuse, and taking a dreadful toll on their mental and physical health. Our recent research has shown how rough sleepers are 17 times more likely to be victims of violence. This is no way for anyone to live."

I couldn't possibly agree more, Howard and Jon. 

We have rough sleepers being fined for being homeless. How can anyone think that fining a person with no home and no money is actually going to achieve anything? Shall we just throw these poor people into the already overflowing prisons? Of course not. How does this fit in with Theresa May's "shared society"?

But anyway, none of this matters to most people. How many people look the other way when they see someone huddled up in a multi-storey car park or a shop doorway? In better times I used to go out with a friend weekly and drop off a few bits to them, stuff like toiletries and snacks. I've no idea if it really made much difference to their absolute despair, I can't explain the sorrow and hurt you could see in peoples eyes, but it meant I wasn't looking the other way and tutting at the sight of a human in a sleeping bag on the street because they really don't have anywhere else to go.

I feel quite angry right now. Angry at a country that has allowed this to happen. Angry at a government that made this happen through ideological austerity, cutting billions of pounds from budgets designed to help and protect the most vulnerable people in society. Angry at the growing number of billionaires (120 at the last count) that avoid paying huge amounts of tax while disabled people are having their money cut to £70 a week in the ESA Work Related Activity Group. Some of these people suffer from Parkinson's Disease, cancer and so many other life changing chronic illnesses and diseases. But hey, here's £10 a day to live off. Thanks a bunch Theresa.

This is a NATIONAL SCANDAL Theresa May. But why should you care, you want to rule the world with the repugnant misogynistic Trump. How vile.


Monday, 23 January 2017

Now The Nasty Tories Target Rape Victims - And Try To BURY The News

The Callous Tory government have confirmed women who have a third child as a result of rape will have to demonstrate their circumstances to health and social care workers or specialist charities to avoid losing money through tax credit restrictions. I kid you not. This absurd law will ensure that women will have to report their ordeal to a third party before being exempt from limits on tax credits to a family’s first two children. 

It gets worse. 

The Tories are the experts of burying bad news when the media are looking elsewhere. For example - this bit of Tory treachery from September last year, on the last day of parliament, before skipping off to their party conference, the Tories slipped out brutal cuts to vulnerable people’s housing. Ministers decided to cut rents to providers of supported housing by 1% every year between 2017 and 2019, despite charities and Labour warning people will end up homeless.

On this occasion, the government chose the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump, to sneak out this disgraceful, demeaning, and frankly vile piece of legislation. 

It's sort of thing I would expect from a moron like Trump. Not from a government claiming to promote the values of "a country that works for everyone". 

Your government disgust me Theresa May. 

Rachel Krys is the co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, she said:

“We are profoundly disappointed to see the publication of these new rules which make entitlement to child tax credit dependent on “proving” rape.The obvious difficulty of requiring women to identify a child as a ‘product’ of rape, and then having a third party verify this claim, should have been enough to force a complete rethink of the whole policy proposal" 

“It’s well known that women are reluctant to disclose rape to anyone, for many reasons including fear and self-protection, guilt, shame and concern for the impact of the knowledge on other family members.“Requiring disclosure to officialdom, in order to receive support for children, is asking women to trust and depend on someone they may prefer not to. “The assurances of confidentiality and sensitivity have a hollow ring in a week the DWP was shown to have committed a serious data breach, putting the life of a domestic violence survivor at risk".

 This was sneaked out on the eve of the Women's March on London which attracted more than 100,000 people as part of an international day of action in solidarity aimed at promoting women’s and human rights. The Tories were fully aware of this.
The DWP were contacted by a few media outlets, as normal, much of the Tory press were happy to play their part in burying the news, but the DWP did muster up this response: 

“Our welfare reforms are a key part of controlling public spending as we create an economy that works for everyone. This reform ensures people on benefits have to make the same choices as those supporting themselves solely through work. But we have always been clear this reform will be delivered in the most effective, compassionate way and we have consulted to ensure the right exceptions and safeguards are in place.”

Is that the biggest pile of scripted dross they could muster up?

This comes on top of the news that the DWP revealed a victims identity to her abuser -according to MP Hannah Bardwell.  Ms Bardell told the i newspaper:  “She was under police protection. It had been so bad that she’d had to change her identity. When you have a constituent sitting in front of you who had to get a new identity, who had to live under police protection because of the seriousness of what she’d been through, and she’s having her details shared by the department that’s supposed to be protecting and helping her, it strikes me that there are flaws in the system.”

Seriously Theresa May. you need to get a grip of this. You simply can't treat rape victims, women who have been beaten by violent partners, in this way. I know you have very little compassion, you're a Conservative - but on a human level, this decision needs reversing. 

The “rape clause” MUST be scrapped so women are not put through the trauma and humiliation of reliving their experiences.Is this not obvious?

What kind of country are we exactly? 


Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Tory Brexit Smokescreen: Britain Is STILL In A Crisis

The Brexit smokescreen has given Theresa May a licence to get away with political murder. Look beyond the Brexit headlines and take a look at the state Britain is currently in. I voted to remain in the EU. We lost. We must confront the challenges of now. 

There's a housing crisis so severe it cost the government £3.5bn of a period of 5 years, just to provide temporary accommodation for homeless families. The number of homeless families living in B&B's had risen by 300% over the last 5 years. They have nowhere to go. Some idiot decided 'affordable' is a 1 bedroom flat in Hackney for £450,000. These families barely have £4.50, they go days without meals to make sure their children can eat. They can't put the heating on, they pay nearly double what you pay for gas and electric because they have a key meter fitted to the property, they don't have the latest iPhone, or SKY (like I'm going to give Rupert Murdoch a single penny). So, if anyone thinks there's affordable housing for the homeless, out of work or low income families, I urge you to take off the Tory-tinted blinkers and realise your fellow human beings are suffering because of the decisions made by a privileged few. Never mind Brexit, we need houses, both social housing (we used to call them council houses) and realistically affordable properties for people, regardless of where they sit on the social ladder, and we need them now.

It gets worse. The Tory benefit cap is one horrendously thought-out piece of legislation. It should be pointed clearly, the Supreme Court  ruled the cap breached the UN convention on the human rights of a child. Do the Tories care? Of course not. Now most people with even the slightest inkling of a brain cell realise that most of people's benefit money goes directly to a private landlord. The Chartered Institute of Housing released a report suggesting 116,000 families will be affected –including around 319,000 children – and face a deficit between their income and outgoings which will leave many unable to pay the cost of keeping a roof over their head. So 319,000 CHILDREN are being put at risk of homelessness because of Tory government policy, and this is despite the Supreme Court telling them they can't do this! Do you think many of these people will be talking about a hard or soft Brexit right now?

While the cringeworthy Brexit bravado from Downing Street continues your National Health Service is still in crisis. In fact, it’s getting worse. Numerous NHS walk-in centres are going to be closed, here's an example of just two in Bury and Prestwich. According to this article the current combined operating costs of the two NHS walk-in centres is said to be around £800,000 and figures released show that last year the Centre’s received a total of 67,000 visits. That works out around £12 per patient, per visit. It is estimated that a typical A&E visit costs around £150-200 per patient per visit. Closing these vital walk-in Centre’s will heap even more pressure on to A&E's up and down the land, and at an even higher cost to you. 

Did you know they are now considering rationing one in five new medicines? Dr Hilary Jones has warned that the Government's efforts to save costs within the NHS could result in patient deaths while they wait for treatments which could potentially be denied to them. What this means, in short, is that patients, seeking specific drug treatments for certain conditions, will have to wait to get their medication. I've only seen this today, but the implications are obvious. 

Do you think a patient being denied cancer treatment, or a child sleeping on the floor of an A&E corridor really care about the single market and freedom of movement right now?

Of course, Brexit is a hugely important matter. But the outcome is known. Despite the handsome poll lead and the Tory media cheering on Boris Johnson offending the rest of the civilised world, change is not impossible. The implications of the decisions made by Theresa May could still be the undoing of the Tory Party. A huge number of her MPs, including cabinet ministers such as Amber Rudd were very pro-Remain. The issue of Britain's withdrawal from the EU will cause massive divisions in an already divided party.

An organised, united and effective opposition must be ready to take it to Theresa May. They can't let Brexit dominate the news agenda.

People are suffering, some dying. We have a duty to challenge the decisions that are causing this misery.

The Tories want you to live and breathe Brexit so you forget about the NHS crisis, the housing crisis, the prisons crisis, the rail crisis, the social care crisis and all the other Theresa May-inspired disasters that are destroying the lives of people we know and care about.

There's 120 billionaires in Britain, many that avoid paying tax, Brexit means nothing to them, they’ll still be billionaires, they will all be ok. There's 124,000 homeless children in Britain and we have to fight for every one of them, my 2 included. We can't let the Tories bury one crisis after another under the blanket of Brexit. 

I'm not comfortable with billionaires avoiding taxes while our country is in such a state, and nor should anyone else be, unless you happen to be one of those billionaires.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Finally, Someone (The BBC Trust) Finds Kuenssberg Guilty Of Misrepresenting Corbyn

Today the BBC Trust found Kuenssberg guilty of inaccurately reporting Jeremy Corbyn’s views about shoot-to-kill policies in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris. Yes, the BBC found one of their own guilty.

It goes without saying. the Beeb aren't very happy. The trust itself said: “According to this high standard, the report had not been duly accurate in how it framed the extract it used from Mr Corbyn’s interview." So she totally misrepresents the Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition. 

But the Trust then go out of their way to say "That there was no evidence of bias or of intent on the part of the senior BBC journalist". Then enter James Harding, the director of BBC news. He rejected the Trust’s ruling and called Kuenssberg “an outstanding journalist and political editor with the utmost integrity and professionalism”. He would say that, wouldn't he?

A former chairman of the BBC trust, Sir Michael Lyons has also been vocally critical of the BBC's treatment of Corbyn and the Labour Party. An appearance on Radio 4's World at One show led him to say this -  "There have been some quite extraordinary attacks on the elected leader of the Labour party. I can understand why people are worried about whether some of the most senior editorial voices in the BBC have lost their impartiality on this. All I’m voicing is the anxiety that has been expressed publicly by others."

 Harding is an interesting character. As most people know, he was a former editor at The Times and on the pay roll of Rupert Murdoch. But does he have links to the Tories? Just a few. He and George Osborne attended the delightful St Paul's public school together and remain long-term friends and before David Cameron became an MP he and Harding used to enjoy a game of tennis together. 

Anyway, take in to account what I just told you and decide for yourself if Mr Harding is the best person to judge Kuenssberg's neutrality and integrity.

Back to Kuenssberg, Journalist of The Year 2016 - This isn't the first time her neutrality has been called in to question. A study carried out last year by the Media Reform Coalition looked at supportive and critical views of the Labour leader during main news programmes. The results revealed the BBC were being hugely critical of Jeremy Corbyn during their main news bulletins. The report criticises Kuenssberg's reporting of Corbyn, one particular bulletin said she offered "the perspective of rebel MPs that was unattributed and reported as ‘fact’ whilst the view of Mr Corbyn’s team is both attributed and questioned." In other words Corbyn's team would issue a statement to Kuenssberg and she would question it, but if she got a whisper from an 'Labour source' (anti-Corbyn MP), she reported it as fact without even offering a name or shred of evidence to back it up.

Back In September last year it was also reported that The Media Reform Centre were considering legal action against the BBC due to the “clear and consistent bias” shown against Jeremy Corbyn in their news coverage with the chair of MRC Justin Schlosberg saying: "We are looking at taking it to Ofcom and potentially even the courts. The BBC has to be held to account." 

Who are the BBC actually broadcasting for? OK, I'm no Einstein, but I had it in my little head that the BBC are supposed to be a public broadcaster, not a platform for a journalist to spout their own personal views. All they achieve with their clear and consistent bias is a few less people paying their licence fee and whole load more people having confirmed what they already know.

Kuenssberg even went as far as setting up the resignation of former Shadow Minister Stephen Doughty LIVE on the BBC Daily Politics show - edited by Robin Gibb, brother of Conservative MP, Nick Gibb. Can you see how it all fits in yet? The whole thing set-up to inflict as much embarrassment and damage to Jeremy Corbyn as they could possibly manage.

The establishment and political elite working arm in arm to ensure Corbyn is portrayed as a monster seems to be the norm now. Kuenssberg herself is just a small part of this. But she knows she has a huge audience on the 6 and 9'Oclock news, as well as the Daily Politics show. These programmes are viewed by big numbers, and some people are easily swayed. Others question everything, and with Kuenssberg reporting, they are right to do so.

I'm more than happy to call out her lack of neutrality. Personally, I find her technique (if that's what you call it) when interviewing Jeremy Corbyn really quite pointless. He plays it well and remains calm, that's what Corbyn does, and you can see Kuenssberg chipping away at him and getting nowhere. If I was sat in Corbyn's place I would be asking her why she doesn't have the same passion for reporting on Tory election fraud, or really put some journalistic effort in to getting right in to the heart of the NHS crisis.

Bottom line is this Laura: You have been found guilty of inaccurately reporting Jeremy Corbyn's views. You should be ashamed. We all know this is just scratching the surface when it comes to your targeted anti-Corbyn campaign, and I really hope it all comes out in the end. Perhaps the Press Gazette will ask for their trophy back, or are they just establishment puppets like you? 

@Rachael_Swindon - Twitter

Monday, 9 January 2017

The NHS Crisis: Blame The Tories - Its Their Fault

The NHS is in absolute crisis. No matter what Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, or anybody else tells you, the facts speak for themselves. This is a crisis like no other in the history of your National Health Service.

And its coming under pressure from every angle

This crisis, in part, is a product of 
both the privatisation of social care and more recent cuts to local authority budgets (resulting in less money being allocated for care locally) by successive Tory governments. When vulnerable people lack adequate social care they are more likely to turn up at overstretched heaving hospital A&E departments needing to see a doctor, increasing the burden on the NHS and exacerbating the crisis no end. This is obvious to everyone, except the Tory government. Data from councils in 2015 showed they have been forced to cut £4.6 billion from adult social care budgets since 2009-10. That is equivalent to almost a third of net real terms spend. A further £1 billion was expected to be cut last year. Social Care is in crisis.

Mental health trusts in England are still having their budgets cut, despite government assurances they would be funded on a par with physical healthcare. Analysis by the The Kings Fund think tank, found 40% of the 58 trusts saw budgets cut in 2015-16. King's Fund chief executive Chris Ham said: "Cuts in mental health services are just as risky as cuts in acute hospital services. We are talking about people in crisis who need expert support in a timely way. If they don't get it, it's bad for them and their families - and for the communities in which they live.The crisis in mental health services is real and serious. We all need to wake up to that reality. Parity of esteem is a laudable ambition that hasn't been followed through in practise." 
Further to this, over half of mental health trusts in England have cut the number of beds for patients in crisis, despite the Tories promising extra funding. This had to be found out through a Freedom Of Information request. This extreme and unprecedented pressure is unsustainable. We know it, they know it, and they must act. Mental Health Services are in crisis.

The President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine told the BBC that hospitals are in an "acute state of distress"Dr Taj Hassan added: "This is on a background of chronic under-funding, under-staffing, both in health and social care, and really also failures in the wider urgent emergency care system." A third of hospital trusts in England warned they needed urgent action to cope with the pressure of patient numbers last month. In the worst cases, seven of the 50 trusts that issued alerts announced they were unable to give patients comprehensive care. Analysis shows NHS Trusts have a deficit of £2.3 billion. The NHS financial crisis is deepening rapidly. NHS Trusts are in crisis.
Jeremy Hunt is claiming only one or two hospitals are in trouble. This is despite the British Red Cross having to help with a "humanitarian crisis" - and of course the organised Tory response was as predicted: Justine Greening said the term was “not appropriate”, and former health minister Anna Soubry said it was “irresponsible language”. Chair of the Commons health select committee, Sarah Wollaston – a former GP – said the term was “too strong”, adding: “This is not equivalent to Syria or Yemen.” This is coming from 3 ladies that all voted to cut ESA by £30 a week for their sick and disabled constituents.

An elderly woman died after spending 35 hours waiting on a trolley in A&E, in a tragedy which exposes the depth of the NHS crisis. She was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital but could not be placed on a ward due to a shortage of beds.The patient suffered a cardiac arrest. She died in an undignified hospital cubicle with curtains pulled around the outside. A second patient at the same hospital, who was made to stay in a waiting room, died after suffering an aneurysm. There were claims that the hospital was in ‘meltdown’, with nurses in tears and patients lying on trolleys ‘three deep’ in the corridor. Accident and Emergency is in crisis. 

I mean really Jeremy Hunt: do you realise we have hospitals are running out of beds and are being forced to treat adult patients on children’s wards in a frantic effort to keep up with what NHS bosses say is an unprecedented demand for care? This is serious, minister.

Jeremy Hunt won't tell you NHS hospitals have been ordered to hand over swathes of operations to the private sector to ease a looming winter crisis, according to leaked memosHealth officials have also instructed hospitals to discharge thousands of patients in a bid to reduce record levels of crowding, while managers have been banned from declaring “black alerts”. 

So they have handed over all sorts to the private sector to ensure we have no winter NHS crisis, and look how that has gone.

How on earth does Jeremy Hunt hold any position of responsibility. A majority of staff can't stand the man, nor can I. His smugness towards his own grotesque failures make me feel sick.

If you tell a Tory - "NHS RIP" they'll tell you it means "reforms in progress", but we know different. We are the patients that rely on the NHS and we can see what's going on. The chronic underfunding has ensured the NHS crisis of 2017 will never be forgotten. The Tory media will already be focusing on Jeremy Corbyn's overdue library books or Theresa May's latest fashion purchase, we can't let this go away.

This crisis is the making of this government.


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Friday, 6 January 2017

David Davis: Even The Tories Don't Like Him

“Thug, bully, an adventurer, disloyal, congenitally treacherous and winner of the Whips’ Office shit of the year award“ just some of the terms used to describe him - by his own colleagues. Of course, these names could cover a majority of the Tory Party. Add in nasty, hypocritical, heartless - I think you get the idea.

On this particular occasion, the person being described so accurately is Conservative MP David Davis. Not David Davies - Davis. Davies is a narcissistic splodge of poison himself, but Davis? He really is something else.

Somehow, career political failure David has a very important job. The type of job that requires competence at the very minimum. Already, you can tell Davis is not suitable for the position. The title is Secretary of State for exiting The European Union, in short, the minister for Brexit. David works very closely with Boris Johnson and fellow Brexiteer, Dr Liam Fox. British media have lovingly named them 'The Three Brexiteers'. But they seem to have forgotten all about Liam's special friend Adam -where Liam goes, Adam follows. 

But we shall save that for another day.

Davis is always keen to point out his council-estate upbringing. I don't understand why politicians do this. If the electorate will make an Eton-schooled Bullingdon toff Prime Minister then it shows they are paying very little attention to a politicians upbringing. Davis has attempted to lead his party on 4 occasions, losing every time. His last effort, back in 2005, ended with a 64,398 votes to 134,446 defeat to some chap called David Cameron, and we all know what happened after that.

Anyway, let us take a closer look at some of his past expense claims uncovered in the 2009 expenses scandal. I have to say, Ive seen past claims for most members of parliament and Davis really is quite something. Questioning these MPs has led to me being blocked by 81 of them, but I, like anyone else, have the right to expect some accountability. Davis voted against same-sex marriage, he voted to cut ESA by £30 a week. The hardship he inflicts on people though the power of his vote is something we have the right to question.

*Takes deep breath*

Claims submitted by Davis under the Commons’ additional costs allowance system show that he, well, we, paid £5,704 for the portico – an open porch that normally protects a property’s front door from the weather. The bill was “to supply and install a new portico to front door entrance, new matching gate and frame to courtyard and six-pane window to out building”. The Commons fees office agreed to pay the bill two weeks later. This was to stop the bad weather damaging his front door. Now unless Davis lives in a lighthouse that simply doesn't work for me. What an absolute waste of taxpayers money. I have asked him to justify this on numerous occasions, every time met with silence.

Davis spent about £5,000 on home furnishings, including £658 to decorate his kitchen and utility room and £640 on a flax carpet for the breakfast room. 

In 2008-09 he charged £46.33 for changing a lamp in a floodlight at the property. Nearly 50 quid to change a lightbulb!

Davis’s receipts also indicate that he claimed for the cost of mowing and rolling paddocks at his home. He claimed for a £647 bill from his gardener in 2005-06, and another £913 for rolling the “back paddock” and the “west paddock” the following year. Davis claimed for the £414 cost of overhauling his ride-on tractor mower, including the cost of a new tractor brush, a “deck bearing housing slinger”, a spark plug and fresh engine oil. The claims indicate that he billed the taxpayer for hundreds of gallons of kerosene every year to heat his house, which he bought with his wife Doreen in 1989. In 2005-06 he claimed £3,020, then £1,724 in 2006-07 and £3,609 in 2007-08. Overall he bought 23,887 litres (5,254 gallons) of heating oil at taxpayers’ expense

A typical home would between £600 and £1,000 in oil a year.

Would you say Mr Davis represents excellent value for money? 

One thing rarely mentioned when talking about Davis is his views on the death penalty. Hidden away in the archives of The Torygraph - "David Davis demands restoration of death penalty". A view shared by other senior Tories, including the Minister for hate, Priti Patel and all-round general arseclown, Michael Gove. But don't worry, Davis is thought to prefer the lethal injection method rather than hanging, according to The Telegraph.

Now think about this one carefully. David Davis will have some sort of input in redefining your human rights. The Tories have been dying to take your rights away for years, and replace it with The British Bill of Rights. This useless greedy hypocrite that puts on a wonderful civil liberties mask to play up to a very selective audience is bad news Britain, really bad news.

David Davis is way out of his depth, and it will be the British people that will drown because of it.


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