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Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Tory Brexit Smokescreen: Britain Is STILL In A Crisis

The Brexit smokescreen has given Theresa May a licence to get away with political murder. Look beyond the Brexit headlines and take a look at the state Britain is currently in. I voted to remain in the EU. We lost. We must confront the challenges of now. 

There's a housing crisis so severe it cost the government £3.5bn of a period of 5 years, just to provide temporary accommodation for homeless families. The number of homeless families living in B&B's had risen by 300% over the last 5 years. They have nowhere to go. Some idiot decided 'affordable' is a 1 bedroom flat in Hackney for £450,000. These families barely have £4.50, they go days without meals to make sure their children can eat. They can't put the heating on, they pay nearly double what you pay for gas and electric because they have a key meter fitted to the property, they don't have the latest iPhone, or SKY (like I'm going to give Rupert Murdoch a single penny). So, if anyone thinks there's affordable housing for the homeless, out of work or low income families, I urge you to take off the Tory-tinted blinkers and realise your fellow human beings are suffering because of the decisions made by a privileged few. Never mind Brexit, we need houses, both social housing (we used to call them council houses) and realistically affordable properties for people, regardless of where they sit on the social ladder, and we need them now.

It gets worse. The Tory benefit cap is one horrendously thought-out piece of legislation. It should be pointed clearly, the Supreme Court  ruled the cap breached the UN convention on the human rights of a child. Do the Tories care? Of course not. Now most people with even the slightest inkling of a brain cell realise that most of people's benefit money goes directly to a private landlord. The Chartered Institute of Housing released a report suggesting 116,000 families will be affected –including around 319,000 children – and face a deficit between their income and outgoings which will leave many unable to pay the cost of keeping a roof over their head. So 319,000 CHILDREN are being put at risk of homelessness because of Tory government policy, and this is despite the Supreme Court telling them they can't do this! Do you think many of these people will be talking about a hard or soft Brexit right now?

While the cringeworthy Brexit bravado from Downing Street continues your National Health Service is still in crisis. In fact, it’s getting worse. Numerous NHS walk-in centres are going to be closed, here's an example of just two in Bury and Prestwich. According to this article the current combined operating costs of the two NHS walk-in centres is said to be around £800,000 and figures released show that last year the Centre’s received a total of 67,000 visits. That works out around £12 per patient, per visit. It is estimated that a typical A&E visit costs around £150-200 per patient per visit. Closing these vital walk-in Centre’s will heap even more pressure on to A&E's up and down the land, and at an even higher cost to you. 

Did you know they are now considering rationing one in five new medicines? Dr Hilary Jones has warned that the Government's efforts to save costs within the NHS could result in patient deaths while they wait for treatments which could potentially be denied to them. What this means, in short, is that patients, seeking specific drug treatments for certain conditions, will have to wait to get their medication. I've only seen this today, but the implications are obvious. 

Do you think a patient being denied cancer treatment, or a child sleeping on the floor of an A&E corridor really care about the single market and freedom of movement right now?

Of course, Brexit is a hugely important matter. But the outcome is known. Despite the handsome poll lead and the Tory media cheering on Boris Johnson offending the rest of the civilised world, change is not impossible. The implications of the decisions made by Theresa May could still be the undoing of the Tory Party. A huge number of her MPs, including cabinet ministers such as Amber Rudd were very pro-Remain. The issue of Britain's withdrawal from the EU will cause massive divisions in an already divided party.

An organised, united and effective opposition must be ready to take it to Theresa May. They can't let Brexit dominate the news agenda.

People are suffering, some dying. We have a duty to challenge the decisions that are causing this misery.

The Tories want you to live and breathe Brexit so you forget about the NHS crisis, the housing crisis, the prisons crisis, the rail crisis, the social care crisis and all the other Theresa May-inspired disasters that are destroying the lives of people we know and care about.

There's 120 billionaires in Britain, many that avoid paying tax, Brexit means nothing to them, they’ll still be billionaires, they will all be ok. There's 124,000 homeless children in Britain and we have to fight for every one of them, my 2 included. We can't let the Tories bury one crisis after another under the blanket of Brexit. 

I'm not comfortable with billionaires avoiding taxes while our country is in such a state, and nor should anyone else be, unless you happen to be one of those billionaires.