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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

"The Reddest Of Red Carpets For Trump" - Jacob Rees-Mogg

 Jacob Rees-Mogg. If you say the name out loud, (but preferably not in public), what does the mind conjure up? Keep it clean...

Mega-rich Jacob is the Tory MP for North East Somerset, not a million miles from 'sunny' Swindon. With a Walter from The Beano-like appearance, his poshness wouldn't be out of place in the Royal Family. That's the ones who aren't subject to the Tories household benefit cap that wave from a balcony every now and then, not the rather funny sitcom.

Who in their right mind would suggest £250,000 is "chicken feed"? Jacob Rees-Mogg - Do you think the 124,000 homeless children and their families would find a quarter of a million as a bit of spare change you might lose down the back of the sofa? What a crass out-of-touch fool.

Jacob is a landlord of rental properties. A nice little side-earner if you can afford the initial investment, and to be clear, I'm not implying Jacob is doing anything that's against the rules. But I will say this:

Why on earth did Jacob vote AGAINST landlords being forced to fit smoke alarms to rented properties? Personally, I find this abhorrent.

Furthermore, why did Jacob vote AGAINST landlords being legally required to ensure rented properties are 'fit for human habitation'? Incredibly,
another 70 Tory landlord MPs did exactly the same thing.

What about the conflict of interest here? 

Last night, Jacob popped up on the news, as he often does, to tell the world we should welcome Donald Trump on his state visit, in fact, we should roll out "the reddest of red carpets". What planet is he on exactly? He said himself back in October that he would vote for Trump so this shouldn't really be a massive surprise, but does this not just go further in proving how out-of-touch Rees-Mogg really is with 21st century Britain?

Its almost as if the Brexit vote has given him some sort of licence to be even more of a fool.

The saddest thing about it? We pay for this fool.