Partners In War Crimes: 33,000 Palestinians And 3 Britons Killed, And The UK Still Supports This Brazen Genocide?

How on earth did we get to a point where British Armed Services Veterans - working for noble humanitarian causes - are being killed by British-made weapons?  The families of John Chapman, James Kirby, and James Henderson deserve answers, and arms sales to the genocidal state of Israel must be suspended immediately.   If the world hadn’t turned on Israel before the execution of the World Central Kitchen humanitarian aid workers, it has now.  What we didn’t know at the start of this genocide was how the place of birth on your passport would determine whether the killing of innocent people actually mattered to the international community.  Just look at the numbers for a moment.  33,000 innocent Palestinian people have been killed. At least 13,000 of them are children. 350 medics have been murdered and 36 hospitals have been bombed by Israel. 120 journalists have been mercilessly slaughtered and 196 humanitarian aid workers have been killed by the Israeli war machine.  And it’s only now th

The State Of Israel: The Very Definition Of Collective Evil

After 171 days of genocide and ethnic cleaning in Gaza, the United Nations Security Council finally adopted Resolution 2728 (2024) - demanding an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan, leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire.  I’m afraid I couldn’t celebrate the news with much enthusiasm, simply because Israel is already contravening over 30 UN Security Council resolutions dating back to 1968. Also, since the creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2006, it has resolved almost as many resolutions condemning Israel alone than on issues for the rest of the world combined.  Ever since its formation in May 1948, Israel has refused to abide by any of the UN resolutions on Palestine and the occupied territories, whether passed by the General Assembly or the Security Council. What makes anyone think they will listen now? Israel is above international law because international law has allowed Israel to act outside of the same rules as the rest of the world for way too

Labour Friends Of Thatcher: This Is What You Call “Getting The Tories Out”?

The problem with Thatcherism is you eventually run out of coal mines to close, trains to privatise, industries to destroy, wars to start, and social fabrics to rip into tiny little confetti sized pieces.  You see, while Labour sickeningly eulogises about the divisive and still dead former Prime Minister, quite a few of us remember the crimes of Margaret Thatcher.  The Labour Party has been a safe haven for the Thatcherite Tories for some time now. Labour is a centre-right entity and “socialism” is a dirty word once more. The Tory voters will support Starmer’s Labour because it has been infiltrated by Blairite globalists. David Lammy - the blithering idiot that supported Keir Starmer’s endorsement of crimes against humanity - has described Thatcher as a “visionary”. I’m pretty sure Lammy’s constituents in Tottenham would fundamentally disagree with his ridiculous appraisal of the most hated British Prime Minister for generations.  Just out of curiosity, Mr Lammy, which other visionaries