A Festival Of Brexit? F*ck No.

I  don’t spend much time writing about the Brexit thing. It’s happened. I fully accept we are no longer a member of the European Union.  I say this as a Remain voter, as well as someone who campaigned tirelessly for the Remain cause.  Did I think the EU was perfect? No.   Did I sing “Oooohhh Jean-Claude Junker”? No.  Did I think the MEP expenses were sustainable? No. Did I think that every minute we witnessed less of the Poundshop Enoch, Farage (sounds like “garage”, not “mirage”) polluting the airwaves, would be a blessed minute? Abso-fucking-lutely.  The image of flag-fancying Farage singing ‘God Save The Queen’, was more than enough to justify Jeremy Corbyn’s decision not to belt out the little ditty like a Stella-fuelled member of the Football Lads Alliance.  It’s very important not to help people like Farage promote themselves. It’s “FA-RIDGE” (the “FA” stands for “fucking awful). So when you think of Farage, just think of a garage.  It’s no different with people calling another B

Boris Johnson’s Position Is Untenable. Where Is The Accountability?

Boris Johnson’s position as Prime Minister is untenable. It has been for a long time now, but the media are still trying their utmost to wrap up their golden boy in the softest cotton wool that money can buy.  Where do you even begin to start with Boris Johnson? The man that spent five long decades preparing for the top job, only to get the job and not have a bloody clue what to do with it.  I ask you, in what other profession could you perform *this* badly, without losing your job?  I understand that holding the highest office in the land isn’t a normal job. It’s not a 9-5, 6-2, 2-10 kind of job. There is no rota. And let me be clear, the arrival of Covid-19 cannot be blamed on Johnson and his government - it’s the handling of it that matters, or should I say, mattered.  The British government underestimated the impact of Coronavirus reaching these shores. We weren’t prepared, we didn’t have a plan, despite Hancock boasting that we did. The liar.  The evidence is there for all to see.

Peace And Justice Project: We Are The Change That We Seek

I don’t usually write stuff on a Monday, but yesterday’s launch of Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project deserves a few words.  Hope has been in short supply for a while now.   The government has lurched from one crisis to another. Sir Keir Starmer’s official opposition has supported them along the way. If they fall, he will catch them, he will be waiting, time after time. The government insisted there wasn’t a magic money tree. Nearly half a trillion quid later, that insistence is looking somewhat dubious. The official opposition gave the Prime Minister a blank cheque without telling him where the money needed to go.  The government has dished out billions of Pounds worth of contracts to their friends and donors, without a normal tendering process. The official opposition made a few noises of discontent, but the government knows how the opposition will soon move on to something to do with flags, so they’ll keep on keeping on.  The government delivered a Brexit deal that still hasn