Incursions And Conversions: There’s Something Very Rotten About Keir Starmer’s Labour

I know it’s Easter Sunday, so I won’t mock the people who believe a man with a fluffy beard lives in the sky, and I certainly won’t poke fun at anyone that thinks their Jeezy once turned a soggy sandal into the contents of a supersized Tesco Express, or whatever it was the Holy dude was said to have done to feed the many - once he’d pulled off the viral walking-on-water party trick. I hope enjoy your chocolate. Amen.

But I am afraid I can’t offer the same restraint when it comes to Starmer’s shitshow, and that’s probably why you’re here.

Seriously, why can’t the Labour Party just take a few days off from being an utterly diabolical Poundshop tribute to the Conservative Party?

Minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, the Labour Party is collapsing into a heap of irrelevance, and if they think signing-up Peter Mandelson - straight from the set of Tales from the Crypt - is somehow going to guide Team Starmer through this permanent ’rough patch’, then I’m afraid there is very little hope for the Labour Party. In fact, there is no hope for this version of the Labour Party. 

Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Perhaps Mandy was a strategic genius in the 90’s, I really couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you how the creepy relic spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to “undermine” Jeremy Corbyn during his time as leader of the Labour Party. Perhaps this will be his reward for doing so?

I can also tell you it was alleged the paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, used to refer to mendacious Mandelson as “Petie”. 

Sorry if you were eating just then. 

Mandelson was also said to have called Epstein in 2009, while Epstein was in jail, to ask for a favour. Officially, the favour was regarding setting up a meeting with trade bosses. 

To be clear, I’m certainly not accusing Mandelson of any impropriety - you’ll make your own minds up - but you’d think they would’ve at least tried to show a little bit of discretion when they went shopping together. 

But either way, Mandelson is supposedly on his way to save the Starmer ship from sinking into oblivion, where it quite clearly belongs. For all we know, the hard-right of the Labour Party may well send in Mandelson to hurry-along Starmer’s departure, with Rachel Reeves and Yvette Cooper being lined up to replace the perma-crisis crock of ineptitude.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Mandelson had anything to do with an official anti-Traveller Labour Party leaflet that was being posted through the letterboxes of the residents of Warrington North just recently. 

While some might try to spin it as an isolated incident, or you could even try to spin it the same way as the MP that allowed this leaflet to go out, Charlotte Nichols, and pretend you didn’t know the meaning of the word “incursion”. 

Now, I don’t claim to be the sharpest tool in the box, I didn’t do very well in my GCSE’s, my grammar is fucking appalling, I had no higher education, I left home at 16, and my specialist subject on Mastermind would be cakes and chocolate. 

But even I know the meaning of the word “incursion”. 

Are you honestly telling me that an elected member of Parliament, a shadow minister for WOMEN AND EQUALITIES, and politically schooled at the University of Liverpool, didn’t know the meaning of the word “incursion”? 

Pull the other one. If you seriously believe that nonsense then I’m afraid you will spend your entire life being manipulated by the political elite, because that my friends, is absolute bullshit. 

This leaflet, and this carpetbagger of an MP, simply do not represent Labour values. Thank heavens she has blocked me. Labour should be a proud and natural ally of the Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities. I shouldn’t even need to say that, but that’s just how bad things have become in the Labour Party under the flawed leadership of Keir Starmer and his team of incompetent, amateur, shag-a-flag, u-bend blockers. 

You might’ve guessed I’m not a fan

I hope you don’t mind, but I will use “GRT” to describe the Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller community for this following bit. 

I must admit, I’m fucking angry about the racist “incursion” leaflet. It was like the awful red dog-whistle mugs that Miliband tried to sell to you. 

The sight of Labour MPs sharing Ms Nichols tweeted apology for not knowing the meaning of the word “incursion” is a fine example of the contempt these faux socialists hold you in. Take a bow, Kim Johnson MP. Thank the lord you will never be a government minister. 

The GRT communities face discrimination that most of us never take a moment to contemplate. The anti-GRT sentiment in this country is rife. They face multiple disadvantages, from education to employment and from justice to health. 

Health is a good example. GRT communities have a lower life expectancy, lower rates of child immunisation and a higher prevalence of anxiety and depression compared to other groups. 

You will still remember the furore surrounding the EHRC report into Labour Party Antisemitism, and you will still remember it in six years time. 

But do you remember the 2015 EHRC report on the state of equality and human rights in Britain? 

Probably not. 

The report found that discrimination against GRT communities - despite these communities being classed as ethnic groups and therefore theoretically protected against discrimination remains a common occurrence.

I discovered that a massive 91% of GRT communities had suffered discrimination because of their ethnicity. That’s 91%. Furthermore, more than three-quarters (76%) of the GRT community have had to hide their ethnicity to avoid facing discrimination or prejudice. 

Think about this for a moment. How the fuck are the GRT Communities supposed to intergrate in society when they face a level of public hostility that should make you feel utterly ashamed to be British? 

The report I have used to source some of my information from is called - “The last acceptable form of racism?” 

I have linked it here several times because it gives you an idea of the pervasive discrimination and prejudice experienced by GRT communities.

I really would like to do a full piece on this. A handful of paragraphs midway through a blog dedicated to the abhorrent behaviour of the Labour Party doesn’t do any justice to the very real racism faced by GRT communities, but I will endeavour to put something together in the near future, taking in some real-life experiences from some of my friends in the GRT communities. 

I might only be a little voice, but I never shout alone, and I will always be an ally of the GRT communities. The same applies if you are a Muslim, if you are Jewish, you could be a Hindu, maybe you’re black? I am on your side, and our socialism is on your side. 

The soul of the Labour Party is in a very dark place. I compared Labour to a “cesspit” a few days ago, it was a mostly popular tweet, but you couldn’t even begin to believe how many cesspits have demanded an apology from me, following the unkind and unsubstantiated comment, so let me put this on record now: 

I apologise to all cesspits for my disparaging and deeply hurtful comments when I compared them to Magic Stepdad Starmer’s Labour Party, on the 2nd April, 2021. I have agreed to make a monthly donation to the Northern Independence Party, which does indeed mean Swindon has been radicalised by the thought of a cute whippet puppy arriving just in time for May 6th, and I am now a member of the Northern Independence Party. 

But anyways, I’m very sorry. 

See, I thought the possibility of a Mandelson return and the Labour Party disgracefully attacking the GRT communities in the hope of seeking out a few statue-fiddling votes was enough for me to work with. But Starmer, currently eleven points behind in the approval ratings, just had to go and make things a whole lot worse. 

Now let me start by saying I honestly do not believe the charisma-free conker Starmer supports the repulsive idea of ‘gay conversion therapy’ - I really don’t. And I would say the about every single Labour MP. It’s easy to score cheap points on this lot, but let’s keep it grounded in reality. 

Although I will say that Starmer conversion therapy is available just here, none of that fucking voodoo magic shit, and from less than 10p a day. Quote code “RS10SH0” at the till to receive absolutely no discount whatsoever. 

Anyway, we have some 40,300 churches in Britain. Why on Earth did Starmer choose to visit and praise this particular notoriously homophobic church? A church that hosts priests that think they can somehow ‘cure’ homosexuality? Keith didn’t even bother apologising for this, because he is an utterly arrogant flop of an opposition leader, preferring to blow his dog-whistle elsewhere. 

Just for one moment, have a little think about what the reaction would’ve been like if Jeremy Corbyn popped into a hateful homophobic church, and then went on Twitter to praise them, during his time as Labour Party leader. Not a pretty thought, is it?

If you, or someone you know *genuinely* believe homosexuality is some sort of an illness, you or they need sectioning under the mental health act, because these are not the thoughts of a sane individual, they are the thoughts of a dangerous, hateful, and extremely homophobic subhuman tragic waste of DNA. 

I hope that’s clear. 

Nearly every day for a year I have asked on Twitter - “I wonder how the Labour Party will disappoint us today?” - and nearly every day the Labour Party will answer the question for me, exceeding my expectations of their awfulness, time after time. 

I can already tell you how the Labour Party will disappoint us today, and I mean *this* Labour Party. 

Simply by existing.  

Take care, 

Rachael x

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, if you want to chip in towards improving my ongoing campaign, and it would cause you *no hardship*, you can do so here:


  1. So horribly true. Thank you for putting our anger into fluent words. I hope today's young will find their way to your blog, because I believe their lives were changed when they heard Corbyn speak.

  2. I love the idea that some extreme centrist Labour wonk is going all gammon reading your blog, keep up the great work

  3. Absolutely correct. It's near impossible to work out what Starmer is trying to achieve. If his purpose is to break up organised labour in the UK and remove it's political power I could understand it all...

  4. I left the Labour Party a few weeks back, for various reasons, although I'd been a member for many years. I like what the NIP are saying (I live in the North East) but not quite ready to join yet - but as you say, every day seems to bring a new reason why I can no longer support Starmer's Labour. 6 May will be very interesting.......

  5. I have friends in the Traveller community so thank you for your kind words. Another great blog, as usual Rachel.

  6. Peter Mandelson is in businsess with Nat Rotschild and aluminum monopolist Oleg Deripaska.

    (MAIL ONLINE) The Russian oligarch, the Old Etonian billionaire and deeply disturbing questions about Lord Mandelson's integrity


    (REUTERS) UK's Rothschild loses "puppet master" libel case

    "Before and after his term as European trade minister, Mandelson held senior positions in the British government under prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and was an influential figure in Britain’s Labour party."

    "The case offered a glimpse into Rothschild’s life and business dealings, including a visit to a banya, a traditional Russian sauna. The judge said the financier was “clearly not comfortable” when cross-examined about a trip to Siberia by Rothschild, Mandelson, Deripaska and others."


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