Gaza Under Attack: The Deafening Silence Of BBC News

Gaza is getting an absolute pounding

Around two million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to a punitive blockade since 2007, depriving residents of much-needed food and medical supplies. It’s an entirely avoidable humanitarian crisis on an unimaginable scale.

I fully expect to be called all sorts for defending the Palestinians. It’s about discrediting the messenger and taking charge of the narrative.

“Antisemite”, “Hamas troll”, “terrorist sympathiser” - I’ve heard it all before, and I’ll hear it all again. If that’s the price we pay for speaking up, then so be it. 

I am none of those things. I’m simply a human that cares about the suffering of others. 

I’ve spent several years highlighting the plight of the Palestinian people, but never in a blog. I’ve got things wrong, and I’ve got things right, but I’m writing this because of the revolting lack of coverage elsewhere. 

It’s also important to add, for balance, makeshift firebombs, attached to balloons, are being sent over the border from Gaza, into Israel. Not quite a Fighter Jet with million dollar missiles, granted, but this is given as one of the reasons (by the IOF) as to why the Israeli forces are dropping bombs on Gaza. In addition, Israel also closed the fishing zone off the coast of Gaza, leaving fishermen unable to work. 

Apparently, one of the balloons ended up scorching a farmers field. My thoughts are with the field at this very difficult time for them.

The balloon bombs, the missiles, they need to stop, obviously. I condemn any acts of violence.

But I’ll tell you what else needs to stop. 

Ethnic cleansing needs to stop. Child imprisonment needs to stop. Oppression needs to stop. Apartheid needs to stop. Annexation needs to stop. Disturbing criminal abuses of human rights need to stop. The bombing needs to stop. 

Honestly, do I really need to go on?

The Palestinian people cannot take much more. Why would you bomb the scene of a humanitarian crisis? To destroy the evidence of your longstanding tyranny? There’s only so many homes you can destroy and children you can maim before the ‘known Hamas hideout’ excuse begins to wear a bit fucking thin.

So we go back to this latest pummelling of Gaza. 8, possibly 9 consecutive nights of bombing. The scenes have been horrific. The night sky of Gaza has been filled with flames and smoke. 

People are losing their lives. Homes are being 

destroyed. The ground is being laid for the conquering of Palestine. 

I asked BBC News, ITV News, SKY News and Channel 4 News to offer some coverage, but at the time of writing, there has been nothing. 

The BBC are happy to report on human beings risking, and losing their lives, in a small rubber dinghy. And that’s what the government want. So why aren’t they talking about the decimation of Gaza? 

I’m obviously not the only person to raise this. Here’s some other people trying to get their heads round the silence of the license-fee funded, ‘impartial’ BBC. 

Have the BBC and Sir Keir got together and decided to keep their mouths shut? It’s fucking shameful behaviour. The state broadcaster and the leader of her majesty’s opposition are sitting in silence to the applause of the establishment.

Now you can see why they hated Corbyn with such a passion.

I asked pro-Palestine activist and former Labour MP, Chris Williamson, for his thoughts on the current vow of silence from BBC News and Co, he said,

“The silence of the corporate media about the ongoing bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces is utterly unacceptable. The one eyed corporate media hacks only seem to be deployed to places like Hong Kong and Venezuela to spout propaganda about governments that the British establishment disapprove of. The rallying cry of the Black Lives Matter movement that "Silence is Violence" is an absolute apposite description of the UK's partisan mainstream media. Their silence brings journalism into disrepute and illustrates the power of the Israel lobby. That is why the role of citizen journalists and new media outlets are so important to report the stories the corporate media ignore.”

Gazans are now limited to just THREE HOURS of electricity a day. This is collective punishment on a massive scale. Can you even begin to imagine trying to live like this? 

Speak up BBC. Speak up British media. 

I saw one exception. The Torygraph wrote a short piece about the crisis. I bet most people don’t even know it exists. However, a quick look at say, Al Jazeera, and you can find out what’s going on. 

You might be wondering why you should care about this. Go and read about the history of Britain and Palestine. Go and find out what British bombs are being dropped from warplanes and landing in children’s bedrooms as they sleep. Go and look into the £221 million worth of targeting equipment, small arms ammunition, missiles, weapon sights and sniper rifles that we sold to Israel in 2017. Go and read up about Gaza, the worlds largest open air prison. Open your eyes.

You should care about this because the Palestinian people have suffered for decades. We are humans, nobody is born uncaring, it’s a choice we make. 

Every single day I share footage from Palestine. It’s usually houses being destroyed by Israeli bulldozers (purchased from Tory donor, JCB), or it could be another human rights abuse against an innocent child, but I keep talking about it, because the silence of much of the mainstream media is grotesque. 

In reality, the only difference between the people of Palestine and us, is luck. 

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon. 

Rachael x 

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  1. Hi Rachel really admire what you're doing here, shining a light on the shameful deafening silence of our biased media outlets. Keep it up.

  2. Wow. Unbelievable. All the best to you.

  3. Prob. A lot to do with ally USA and poodle UK?

  4. You don’t have to be an antisemite to be pro-Palestinian but you do a great job of being so!

  5. The Palestinians have not burned "a field ". They've burned an area the size of Manhattan . Thousands of Israelis have to run for their lives from bombs and rockets.When the Palestinians stop. the Israelis will stop. No one had three right to threaten Jewish lives anymore. Period

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