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Monday, 5 March 2018

Tory Lies And Smears: They want to talk about "betrayal"?

Well, its been a while, but its time to start talking about some good old fashioned Tory lies and smears, and their utterly astonishing hypocrisy.

Much has happened since I was last here. Theresa May had a cunning plan. She decided a snap general election would leave her with a majority of 100+, confining Labour to oblivion for at least a generation. Instead she just about scraped through, relying on the votes of a political party that thinks line dancing is sinful.

Nine months on from the general election and the Conservative Party are in absolute chaos. They didn't expect to be in this position right now. The rise of the left wasn't supposed to happen, and they know a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Government is now a distinct possibility.

So we get on to the smears. This isn't anything new. The latest words they are hoping will catch on are "chilling", "authoritarian", and the current favourite, "betrayal", used by Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, and the Prime Minister herself, Theresa May.

Then we have the Minister for Vasectomies, Ben Bradley, whose bizarre tweet about Jeremy Corbyn, claiming Mr Corbyn "sold British secrets to Communist spies" - ended up with him having to delete the tweet and issue a grovelling apology, as well as pay Mr Corbyn's legal costs and make a "substantial" donation to a Mansfield based charity. Dangerous lies such as these should never go unchallenged, and Corbyn's team were absolutely right to pursue this.

And what about the Defence Secretary? If ever there was a contender for a seriously creepy award, Id have to give it to Gavin. He said of Corbyn "that he met foreign spies is a betrayal of his country".

So in short, you have easily influenced fools like Williamson and Bradley spreading lies, with assistance from the billionaire tax-avoiding media barons, and senior Tories trying to give them some sort of validity. Williamson never did apologise for his outrageous smear.

Betrayal is a strong word to use. Even more so when it is being used to smear a decent human being. But if Williamson thinks Mr Corbyn is somehow betraying his country, wouldn't he be alarmed to hear about the Cabinet Minister that dined with a former Vladimir Putin crony after his party accepted a £30,000 donation from his wife?  The Minister in question was even gracious enough to give him a tour of Winston Churchill's war room.

Of course that won't bother Gavin, because *he* was that Minister. The hypocrite.

Some might say the Tories destruction and dismantlement of our National Health Service is a betrayal of all the people that pay for it, and work for it. What about the betrayal of 128,000 children that are deemed as homeless? What about the betrayal of our morality and our standing in the world? We supply a vicious and barbaric regime like Saudi Arabia with weapons. These people behead women, children and men in the streets. They drop our bombs on innocent civilians in Yemen. Some 5 million Yemenis are in famine. We are now the 2nd biggest arms dealer in the world.

The Tories have only just betrayed the victims of phone hacking by ruling out a 2nd Leveson inquiry. This is despite the promises of David Cameron to make sure it went ahead. A cynic might end up thinking the government did this favour for their media backers in exchange for a persistent smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

But I'm sure the Tories, with their desperation to cling on to office, wouldn't ever do anything like that.

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