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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tonight on #BBCQT for the Tories is the disgraced Minister Liam Fox

Tonight on #BBCQT for the Tories is Dr Fox.

No, not him.

Dr Liam Fox, or better known by his full title, the disgraced Minister Liam Fox.

Regular followers of my tweets will be fully aware of the fact that I'm not a huge fan of Tory MPs.

But Liam is special. And I don't mean that in a good sense.

Now I could talk about his good friend and advisor Adam Werrity but I think that has been well covered by everyone. Although I never knew Fox personally asked a City financier to bankroll his old pal. We learn something new every day.

To get an idea of how deluded Liam can be, just last July he claimed negotiating a free trade deal with the European Union should be "the easiest in human history". But just today he has accused the EU of behaving like gangsters, Why on earth people like Fox, Boris Johnson and David Davis are in charge of such important negotiations is beyond me.

But lets have a quick look through some past expense claims. Value for money is an integral part of his job, after all.

Do you think a £19,000 mobile phone bill, paid for by the public, represents value for money? NINETEEN THOUSAND POUND. He was also criticised for paying £9,000 a year to his local Conservative branch, and in April 2005 he claimed back £1,050 to cover BUPA health care insurance. I think Mr Fox was taking the piss out of us.

It gets worse. Liam re-mortgaged his second home to pay for redecoration and claimed higher interest payments on expense. He had to repay £22,500 - despite an appeal to high court judges being turned down.

It doesn't end there. Liam claimed back a massive 3p (THREE PENCE) for a car journey of less than 100m. At the same time he put in another 15 expense claims for less than £1 to cover car trips. How long does it take to walk 100m? 30-40 seconds?


It wouldn't be quite so hard to stomach if his party hadn't forced their ideological austerity upon us. But they have. We have been told to live within our means enough times, why can't this also apply to Tory Ministers?

Let us be honest here. Liam Fox would be out of his depth in a drop of ant phlegm, even if he was getting a piggyback from Adam.

Until next time.. Rachael