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Saturday, 10 March 2018

This Week On #Marr For The Tories....Philip Hammond

We move on from the appearance of hard-right Liam Fox on Question/Gammon Time, to the appearance of Philip Hammond on this weeks Marr Show.

Where do you start with Spreadsheet Phil?

We could talk about the company he took a 15% stake in shortly before the very same company received a Tory government grant. Purely coincidental, I'm sure.

Saudi Arabia has been in the news a bit this week, and for good reasons. It may not shock you to know Phil is a supporter of the brutal Saudi regime. So much so they gifted him with a nice watch, worth £1,950.

Or the time he claimed that driving a train was so easy even a woman can do it. Mr Hammond denies being a sexist pig.

And then there's his thoughts on Trident - "North Korea seem to think having a nuclear weapon makes them safe. In fact it is the opposite. Having a nuclear weapon makes them a target". So what exactly does that make us?

But what about his tax arrangements? He's already worth at least £8 million, but an investigation by the Daily Mirror made for very interesting reading. If Theresa May was even the slightest bit serious about clamping down on 'strange' tax practises she need not look beyond her own Cabinet.

But when it comes to past expense claims, Phil is no angel. He once claimed 40p for a pint of milk, and just the month before, £1.65 for more milk and some bottled water. Or you could wonder why we had to pay for some sort of teaspoon fetish.  Dig deeper and you will find Philip knows exactly how to play the system.

Then again, he is a Tory, so its probably best not to wonder.

Until next time...