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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

This May Shock You - But #Article50 Isn't All Corbyn's Fault.

The Brexit outrage has been turned up a notch today. The signing of Article 50 has happened and the negotiations begin. It doesn't take a genius to realise having David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson negotiating on behalf of Britain is a disaster waiting to happen. The Europeans think Johnson is a fool, and how right they are. At a recent committee meeting Davis revealed there is no plan, they have no idea what they are doing. And Fox? Would you trust the disgraced minister with anything? Of course not. Hopefully Adam will help him out.

I'll keep this short.

The outrage towards Jeremy Corbyn is somewhat ludicrous. I voted Remain, I campaigned hard for Remain, despite having multiple reservations about the bureaucrats in Brussels, I still felt I could trust them to uphold the rights of British people a damn sight more than a Tory government that's hell-bent on destroying your NHS, cutting £3 billion from the schools budget by 2020, punishing the poorest and most vulnerable in our society and not particularly keen on you actually having any human rights.

But we lost. Reverse the results for one moment: Iain Duncan Smith says we need another referendum because people didn't understand what they were voting for he first time round. What would you say to Iain? Two words, first word four letters, second word is off.

The internal rows in the Tory Party which led to Cameron caving in are not the fault of Jeremy Corbyn. Ed Miliband's Labour getting obliterated at the 2015 general election was not the fault of Jeremy Corbyn. The result of June 23rd 2016 was not the fault of Jeremy Corbyn. The Tory majority was always going to be enough. We all know that, no matter how much some want to cling on to it as a beating stick to use against the Labour leader.

A large chunk of 16 million people need someone to blame for not getting the result they wanted. In my opinion, people with a similar view to me on this won't ever have any chance of winning the Brexit argument until we are completely out of The EU. 1/3 Labour voters voted to leave, that's quite a big number. Again, this is not the fault of Jeremy Corbyn. Are you expecting me to believe Alan Johnson, Tony Blair or any other ardent neoliberal Remainer would have actually convinced more Labour voters to change their mind and vote Remain?

I think Labour will see a recovery in the polls as the reality of Brexit kicks in. In 2 years time, people will still see their public services on the brink, assuming they haven't already gone over the edge. Ordinary voters will see more and more letters from their childrens school, asking for donations so they can fund essential equipment such as pens, pencils, exercise books. They will be waiting longer and longer in A&E, the social care sticking plaster will have come unstuck. Theresa May's supposed "shared society" will be the scared society, for may of us, it already is.

You'll get your £350 million a week alright, but it will be £350 million a week in cuts.

Theresa May's government will collapse like a tonne of bricks. Nearly 2/3 of her own MPs and ministers are Remainers, and despite the publicly unified face (something Labour could learn from), the divisions in the party are as strong as they have ever been. Tories hate losing.

I'll finish off with Jeremy Corbyn.

You may know the tale of King Canute? He thought he could stop the waves. So he went down to the beach and told the tide to turn around. I doubt I need to explain how that went. Now Im certainly not calling Corbyn a king, but it seems nearly 16 million people were and are expecting Corbyn to stop the Brexit wave. He can't stop the impossible from happening.

Anyone that thinks Jeremy Corbyn, a man that's had to fight his own anti-democratic party machine to become elected leader, twice, would take an anti-democratic stance on Brexit clearly doesnt understand what Jeremy Corbyn stands for.

I don't agree with Jeremy Corbyn on everything, but this one, he's got right. I believe in democracy and I believe this Tory government will take a nasty fall in a couple of years time. Now, you can either spend every day blaming Corbyn for everything from the state of his front garden to the signing of Article 50, or you can try having a go at the government of today. The government that has doubled rough sleeping, cut your NHS to the bone, cut school funding, led to thousands of deaths relating to the Work Capability Assessment, been slammed by The United Nations for its violations of the rights of disabled people. Do I really need to go on?

Rumour has it they even signed Article 50.