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Thursday, 16 March 2017

It's Been A Shocking Week For The Tories - It Needs Pointing Out

You may have noticed, the Tories aren't having a great week. The honeymoon can't last forever.

From Hammond's humiliating National Insurance u-turn to the disgraceful figures released showing an increase of 400,000 children living in relative poverty under the Tories, these things can't just be ignored.

And to their credit, some sections of the mainstream media are starting to report some of it. And so they should do.

The good news on jobless figures, which at 5.3% is the lowest for years, shouldn't be allowed to paint over the FIVE-FOLD INCREASE since 2011. This isn't just a small increase, its an explosion. 1 in 3 of these people working on zero hour contracts wants more hours. A sensible wage from the likes of Sports Direct would lead to a huge decrease in benefit dependency, surely this is obvious?

Newly-released government data has shown that the number of children living in relative poverty has increased by 400,000 under the Tories. 400,000 victims of ideological austerity. Theresa May has the cheek to accuse Labour of some sort of 'bankrupt Britain' soundbite because the leader wants to invest £500 billion in Britain. Note the word "invest". The Tories are are heading towards a TRILLION POUNDS and borrowing under the Tories is increasing at over £5,000 EVERY SINGLE SECOND - and this is off the back of cuts to public services, zero wage growth, cuts to disability money, I could go on and on here. £500bn spent on Britain or £1 trillion on austerity? You decide.

Then we move on to Tory election fraud. The Tories have just been hit with a record £70,000 fine following an investigation into election campaign expenses. The Tories failed to properly declare £285,813 in campaign spending costs and failed to keep records in 3 by-elections during 2014. Simon Day, the registered treasurer of the party at the time, had failed to ensure spending was accurately reported, and has been referred to the Metropolitan Police. The findings of the Electoral Commission are damning, Sir John Holmes, chair of the Electoral Commission said: 

Our investigation uncovered numerous failures by a large, well-resourced and experienced party to ensure that accurate records of spending were maintained and that all of the party’s spending was reported correctly. Where the rules are not followed, it undermines voters’ confidence in our democratic processes, which is why political parties need to take their responsibilities under the legislation seriously.

Police forces across the country are now handing files to the Crown Prosecution Service, the last count was 13, and this number is likely to grow. And this is 13 forces, not 13 MPs, so the number of MPs could run beyond 20. 

What an absolute shambles. Now I certainly wouldn't want to suggest any wrongdoing towards any particular individual, but come on, do they think we are completely clueless?Finally we see te 30th u-turn made by the Tories since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, the first time. The National Insurance debacle has seriously dented Philip Hammond's so called credibility. Of course these 30 u-turns are obviously not just down to Jeremy Corbyn, but he takes plenty of flack as the leader of the party, so he should also take plenty of credit for the achievements.

So all in all, its been a dreadful week for Theresa May and the Tory Party, but somehow, Jeremy Corbyn will be at fault for most, if not all of this.

That's how it works when people blindly follow the divisive opinions of Murdoch and Dacre through their media. But you are reading this, so you're probably not one of them.


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