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Monday, 9 January 2017

The NHS Crisis: Blame The Tories - Its Their Fault

The NHS is in absolute crisis. No matter what Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, or anybody else tells you, the facts speak for themselves. This is a crisis like no other in the history of your National Health Service.

And its coming under pressure from every angle

This crisis, in part, is a product of 
both the privatisation of social care and more recent cuts to local authority budgets (resulting in less money being allocated for care locally) by successive Tory governments. When vulnerable people lack adequate social care they are more likely to turn up at overstretched heaving hospital A&E departments needing to see a doctor, increasing the burden on the NHS and exacerbating the crisis no end. This is obvious to everyone, except the Tory government. Data from councils in 2015 showed they have been forced to cut £4.6 billion from adult social care budgets since 2009-10. That is equivalent to almost a third of net real terms spend. A further £1 billion was expected to be cut last year. Social Care is in crisis.

Mental health trusts in England are still having their budgets cut, despite government assurances they would be funded on a par with physical healthcare. Analysis by the The Kings Fund think tank, found 40% of the 58 trusts saw budgets cut in 2015-16. King's Fund chief executive Chris Ham said: "Cuts in mental health services are just as risky as cuts in acute hospital services. We are talking about people in crisis who need expert support in a timely way. If they don't get it, it's bad for them and their families - and for the communities in which they live.The crisis in mental health services is real and serious. We all need to wake up to that reality. Parity of esteem is a laudable ambition that hasn't been followed through in practise." 
Further to this, over half of mental health trusts in England have cut the number of beds for patients in crisis, despite the Tories promising extra funding. This had to be found out through a Freedom Of Information request. This extreme and unprecedented pressure is unsustainable. We know it, they know it, and they must act. Mental Health Services are in crisis.

The President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine told the BBC that hospitals are in an "acute state of distress"Dr Taj Hassan added: "This is on a background of chronic under-funding, under-staffing, both in health and social care, and really also failures in the wider urgent emergency care system." A third of hospital trusts in England warned they needed urgent action to cope with the pressure of patient numbers last month. In the worst cases, seven of the 50 trusts that issued alerts announced they were unable to give patients comprehensive care. Analysis shows NHS Trusts have a deficit of £2.3 billion. The NHS financial crisis is deepening rapidly. NHS Trusts are in crisis.
Jeremy Hunt is claiming only one or two hospitals are in trouble. This is despite the British Red Cross having to help with a "humanitarian crisis" - and of course the organised Tory response was as predicted: Justine Greening said the term was “not appropriate”, and former health minister Anna Soubry said it was “irresponsible language”. Chair of the Commons health select committee, Sarah Wollaston – a former GP – said the term was “too strong”, adding: “This is not equivalent to Syria or Yemen.” This is coming from 3 ladies that all voted to cut ESA by £30 a week for their sick and disabled constituents.

An elderly woman died after spending 35 hours waiting on a trolley in A&E, in a tragedy which exposes the depth of the NHS crisis. She was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital but could not be placed on a ward due to a shortage of beds.The patient suffered a cardiac arrest. She died in an undignified hospital cubicle with curtains pulled around the outside. A second patient at the same hospital, who was made to stay in a waiting room, died after suffering an aneurysm. There were claims that the hospital was in ‘meltdown’, with nurses in tears and patients lying on trolleys ‘three deep’ in the corridor. Accident and Emergency is in crisis. 

I mean really Jeremy Hunt: do you realise we have hospitals are running out of beds and are being forced to treat adult patients on children’s wards in a frantic effort to keep up with what NHS bosses say is an unprecedented demand for care? This is serious, minister.

Jeremy Hunt won't tell you NHS hospitals have been ordered to hand over swathes of operations to the private sector to ease a looming winter crisis, according to leaked memosHealth officials have also instructed hospitals to discharge thousands of patients in a bid to reduce record levels of crowding, while managers have been banned from declaring “black alerts”. 

So they have handed over all sorts to the private sector to ensure we have no winter NHS crisis, and look how that has gone.

How on earth does Jeremy Hunt hold any position of responsibility. A majority of staff can't stand the man, nor can I. His smugness towards his own grotesque failures make me feel sick.

If you tell a Tory - "NHS RIP" they'll tell you it means "reforms in progress", but we know different. We are the patients that rely on the NHS and we can see what's going on. The chronic underfunding has ensured the NHS crisis of 2017 will never be forgotten. The Tory media will already be focusing on Jeremy Corbyn's overdue library books or Theresa May's latest fashion purchase, we can't let this go away.

This crisis is the making of this government.


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