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Monday, 23 January 2017

Now The Nasty Tories Target Rape Victims - And Try To BURY The News

The Callous Tory government have confirmed women who have a third child as a result of rape will have to demonstrate their circumstances to health and social care workers or specialist charities to avoid losing money through tax credit restrictions. I kid you not. This absurd law will ensure that women will have to report their ordeal to a third party before being exempt from limits on tax credits to a family’s first two children. 

It gets worse. 

The Tories are the experts of burying bad news when the media are looking elsewhere. For example - this bit of Tory treachery from September last year, on the last day of parliament, before skipping off to their party conference, the Tories slipped out brutal cuts to vulnerable people’s housing. Ministers decided to cut rents to providers of supported housing by 1% every year between 2017 and 2019, despite charities and Labour warning people will end up homeless.

On this occasion, the government chose the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump, to sneak out this disgraceful, demeaning, and frankly vile piece of legislation. 

It's sort of thing I would expect from a moron like Trump. Not from a government claiming to promote the values of "a country that works for everyone". 

Your government disgust me Theresa May. 

Rachel Krys is the co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, she said:

“We are profoundly disappointed to see the publication of these new rules which make entitlement to child tax credit dependent on “proving” rape.The obvious difficulty of requiring women to identify a child as a ‘product’ of rape, and then having a third party verify this claim, should have been enough to force a complete rethink of the whole policy proposal" 

“It’s well known that women are reluctant to disclose rape to anyone, for many reasons including fear and self-protection, guilt, shame and concern for the impact of the knowledge on other family members.“Requiring disclosure to officialdom, in order to receive support for children, is asking women to trust and depend on someone they may prefer not to. “The assurances of confidentiality and sensitivity have a hollow ring in a week the DWP was shown to have committed a serious data breach, putting the life of a domestic violence survivor at risk".

 This was sneaked out on the eve of the Women's March on London which attracted more than 100,000 people as part of an international day of action in solidarity aimed at promoting women’s and human rights. The Tories were fully aware of this.
The DWP were contacted by a few media outlets, as normal, much of the Tory press were happy to play their part in burying the news, but the DWP did muster up this response: 

“Our welfare reforms are a key part of controlling public spending as we create an economy that works for everyone. This reform ensures people on benefits have to make the same choices as those supporting themselves solely through work. But we have always been clear this reform will be delivered in the most effective, compassionate way and we have consulted to ensure the right exceptions and safeguards are in place.”

Is that the biggest pile of scripted dross they could muster up?

This comes on top of the news that the DWP revealed a victims identity to her abuser -according to MP Hannah Bardwell.  Ms Bardell told the i newspaper:  “She was under police protection. It had been so bad that she’d had to change her identity. When you have a constituent sitting in front of you who had to get a new identity, who had to live under police protection because of the seriousness of what she’d been through, and she’s having her details shared by the department that’s supposed to be protecting and helping her, it strikes me that there are flaws in the system.”

Seriously Theresa May. you need to get a grip of this. You simply can't treat rape victims, women who have been beaten by violent partners, in this way. I know you have very little compassion, you're a Conservative - but on a human level, this decision needs reversing. 

The “rape clause” MUST be scrapped so women are not put through the trauma and humiliation of reliving their experiences.Is this not obvious?

What kind of country are we exactly?