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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why We, And Britain, Need A #CorbynFightback

Its pretty obvious. The Tories, led by an unelected Theresa May, have had it easy. Not just from their media baron friends, they're Tories, they'll always have the support of Murdoch media. Thatcher, Blair and more recently, David Cameron, one Tory Prime Minister after another, have all been able to call on the support of the readers of The Sun.

But I was also thinking about Her Majesty's Official Opposition.

Corbyn supporters will tell you the Parliamentary Labour Party have put us in this current state with their continuous plotting, smearing and one of the most ridiculously timed coups in recent British history. Being one of them I wholeheartedly agree. I'm not naive enough to think Jeremy got everything right, he is not perfect. Communications coming out of the leaders office have not been heard clearly. Partially down to some poor decisions at some level or another but mostly because of a big chunk of the PLP and the party machine that can't seem to find any common ground between their entrenched neoliberalism and Corbyn's ideas for 21st century socialism. Scary things, like homes being built, a rollback of NHS privatisation, public-owned railways, the rich paying their fair share of tax! In fact, take a look at Corbyn's 10 pledges - there's even a video of the man himself.

A lack of opposition and a pro-Tory/anti-Corbyn media have left us in a position where the Tories are getting away with blue murder. Theresa May can do whatever she likes. She can lie when she wants because very few people in the British mainstream media will report it. Its left to independent media, people like the brilliant The Canary who work tirelessly exposing the sheer ineptitude of this awful government.

Here's just a few things that most voters won't know. Some of them won't care - The 'I'm alright Jack' attitude is a huge obstacle to overcome, but if enough of us try it, then anything is possible.

The Tory government target cuts towards the most vulnerable people in our society. They work on the basis of the weakest not having a voice and not being able to fight back. Benefit sanctions forced on to people suffering with mental health issues have gone up by 668% but in Tory Britain we can afford to give a £93 BILLION corporate welfare handout to our big donor friends.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to end benefit sanctions and ask big corps to pay a bit more tax. Good idea that.

In 6 Tory years child homelessness has risen by nearly 60% and this Christmas Day more than 120,000 children will wake up homeless. This is the equivalent of 4 chidren in every school. The obvious end result of a chronic shortage of new affordable and social homes being built by consecutive governments. Then add in Tory austerity and it wont take a rocket scientist to work out the end result.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to undertake a huge house-building programme that ensures every person has a home. Hardly radical, is it?

Did you know that just 2 months back the Tories sneaked out the biggest ever privatisation of The NHS? £7.9 billion worth to be exact. That is more than 7% of the entire NHS budget! But not a whisper from a media happily diverted by any of the latest Corbyn smears. Will they ever run out of them?

Do Tory voters know that just 3 months ago NHS chiefs warned the government of our hospitals in England being on the brink of collapse?

Do they know that NHS hospitals will embark on a "GLUT" OF CLOSURES with Accident & Emergency units and key services for the elderly among those stripped out and centralise?

Jeremy Corbyn believes in an NHS entirely owned by the public, putting patients first, and not profits. I reckon that's a good idea, don't you?

Social Care is in absolute crisis. Its a big one and it will have an impact on every one of us at some point. Its so bad that even a senior Tory MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, penned an open letter to Theresa May telling her to stop giving the false impression that the NHS is awash with cash. The letter warned the her of the looming Social Care crisis saying an urgent cash injection was needed. 

Jeremy Corbyn challenged Theresa May's Social Care funding dishonesty at PMQs this week, and scored a direct hit as I covered here yesterday. We really need more of this.

If you have friends that take very little interest in politics, much like I did a few years back, then tell them what is actually going on. Tell them how it will impact on their lives. The things we take for granted may not be there for much longer if we continue to allow the Tories to run riot, which is quite incredible considering the tiny parliamentary majority they have.

A Corbyn fightback is needed now more than ever. It seems all he has done is fight to be heard since the first day he was elected leader of The Labour Party. The fight he wants, the fight we want, is to take it to the Tories.

The Tory party themselves have their own internal issues. The Brexit debate still lives on, its still more important to them than Britain ever will be. This will catch up with them, and an effective opposition can expose every little crack.

As social media evolves and grows, our role in this will be more important than ever.

Support the Corbyn fightback!