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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Tonight on BBC UKIP: Yet MORE Farage

Once a week I will have a look at the Twitter feed of BBC Question Time, I doubt I am the only one, and more often than not I think: "why are they on there?" or "not him again!" or more recently with appearances from Chuka Ummuna and Alan Johnson, "when are they going to have a Labour person on?". But tonight's show is definitely a case of not him again as Nigel Farage appears once more.

This is just days after The Skwakbox revealed a BBC Question Time Producer had been sharing the Facebook posts of Britain First which led BBC Question Time to remind their staff of their impartiality obligations. But nevermind, lets put Nigel Farage on again.

You may have noticed the Question Time audiences becoming more aggressive, and we all know why. The likes of Farage have spent their entire 'career' baiting people, whipping them up in to a frenzied hatred of anyone unlucky enough to be deemed a Jonny foreigner. Just imagine if this producer could get friends in to the Question Time audience. You would have the perfect platform for the former leader of a personality cult to preach hate, primetime, with people ready to clap along. Then viewers, just a tad naive, think "that Farage, he's right you know". But I'm sure that's all as ludicrous as it sounds.

The BBC have played a massive part in the rise of far-right wing UKIP. Nigel Farage is an egomaniacal chancer that will take any and every opportunity to promote his distorted take on what British values really are. Just a few minutes research will show you he's had easy rides from One Nation Tory Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Marr, in a moment I'll point out his Question Time appearances.

In a previous episode of Question Time, Farage and Russell Brand ended up on the same panel. The highlight of the show was Brand labelling Farage "a Poundshop Enoch Powell", subsequentley the name of Enoch Powell was trending on Twitter. Although not being a cheerleader for the apathetically confusing Brand, he does make a few relevant points and that was one of them. Like he says, Farage ain't no cartoon character, he ain't Delboy.

So we come to Farage and his numerous appearances on Question Time. How many do we think over a decade? 10? 15? 20? In fact, since the Ukip leader first sat on David Dimbleby’s panel in November 2000, only three other figures have made more appearances on the show. The Liberal Democrats Sir Menzies Campbell and Tory MP Ken Clarke have both made 29 appearances (since 2010). Shirley Williams has made 28 appearances, followed by Nigel Farage on 26. This was taken from research at the end of 2014. Back in February, Farage himself confirmed his 29th appearnce on the show. This could be 30, 31, 32, who knows? So Farage may well be at the top of the leaderboard.

Other research also pointed out Farage and his incredible record of Question Time appearances. Why do the BBC do it? Personally, I find UKIP, and Farage quite hideous. Seeing him on there is like having a human version of The Sun Newspaper expose themselves to you down a dark alleyway. Possibly worse than that.

Firstly, this man is no longer the leader of UKIP, that poisoned challice has been passed on to Paul Nuttall. Charming Nuttall blocked me within minutes of my first communications with him, but we will save that for another day. Secondly, UKIP have just 1 member of parliament, ONE. I take on board the number of votes they received in 2015, oddly enough a similar number of readers of The Sun, Mail, Express and Telegrapgh combined, but I don't make the rules, they have 1 MP and should be given media representation the tallies in with having 1 MP. How often do you see Caroline Lucas on the show? Paul Nuttall was only on just recently so why do BBC Question Time, and most BBC political shows, insist on giving this far right no policy political party such a wide platform? Answers on a postcard. Winner gets some fruitcake.

Farage will do his normal thing tonight. Play up to the audience, do his man of the people routine. I'm not fooled Nigel, and millions of others don't buy in to it either. I've dug up dirt on hundreds of politicians, those elected to Westminster by the people, to represent the people, but this point needs to be made clearly:

Nigel Farage has contested 7 By-Elections and lost every single one of them. When it comes down to it, Nigel Farage is rejected. His Brexit dream has been acheived, but he as a politician, utterly rejected by the electorate when choosing someone to represent them in the mother of all parliaments. 

The greed and the hypocrisy of Nigel Farage is way too much to list on one blog. The Thatcherite millionaire ex-stockbroker may have convinved a few million to vote for UKIP, but they as a party are near death. Close to bankruptcy, losing councillors, polling low, MEP's beating each other up, leadership issues that make Labour's look fairly staightforward,and best of all, the departure of Farage. Even BBC resussitation won't be able to save them, and when theyre gone, i'll be among the first to say, good riddance Farage, and good riddance to UKIP.


Pictured: Farage standing in The Daily Mail's reception area.