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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Theresa May's Christmas Crisis, Not That You Would Know

Its Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid. Or something like that anyway.

Although quite a few of us living under the regime of Theresa May's Conservatives feel like we do have something to be afraid of. What vital service will they take away next? What cuts will fall on the most vulnerable next time? And its on a local level too. In my home town of Swindon the Tory-run (only just) council have decided to AXE 11 out of the 15 public libraries across the town. They've also decided that council tax will go up every year until at least 2020.

And we know this is a familiar story all over Britain.

When I look at this government I see mayhem, a divided cabinet with ministers so far out of their depth they have a wate display bursting out of their forehead. In my not very neutral opinion, Britain is facing an unprecedented threat from the very people elected to represent us.

This country that works for everyone is plain and simple bullshit. We know it, they know it, and they simply do not care. They are stumbling from one crisis to another, such as:


Where do you possibly start? How about NHS chiefs warning Theresa May that hospitals are on the brink of collapse? Or even experts warning there could be a "glut" of services shut down as providers face a £23bn national funding deficit. Campaign group 38 Degrees has uncovered 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) being drawn up across England. Your A&E's, CUT BACK AND SHUTDOWN with barely a whisper from the British media, the most right-press in Europe.  Then there's the hospital bed shortage. This from Professor John Appleby, chief economist for The Nuffield Trust:
"With such high levels of bed occupancy linked to higher infection rates and longer waits in A&E, these pressures pose a real threat to the smooth running of hospitals and, ultimately, to patient safety.
What's more, the NHS is going into this winter in an even worse position than it was a year ago, with record deficits, worse performance against the A&E target, far more trolley waits, record delayed discharges from hospital, and fewer people getting the help they need with social care.
When you add into that mix the sort of intense pressure on beds we've demonstrated hospitals experienced last winter, patients' care is bound to suffer."

And then there's privatisation. That will be saved for another blog as its worth so much more than a paragraph or two. The Tories even tried to SNEAK OUT £7.9 BILLION worth of your NHS to private providers.

That's £7.9 BILLION!!


I have covered this in depth on previous blogs as its one that's quite close to my own heart. We have 124,000 children in Britain that are considered to be homeless. I had to double the check the figure such was my horror. What kind of civilised country allows this?

Just in England alone, 3,500 people slept rough last year. That is 30% up on the figures for 2014. I would also say this number is vastly underestimated. Since 2010, rough sleeping has DOUBLED under the Tories. How is this not a crisis?

When Boris Johnson became Mayor of London he pledged to eradicate homelessness by 2012. How did that go then Boris? He DOUBLED IT by 2012. The Tories have no idea how bad the housing and homelessness crisis actually is. We do. The ones that are living it day in, day out, through no fault of our own.

I think you get where I am coming from?

Now I could go on and on, running through every government department, but its Christmas Eve, and I want to watch Eastenders and have a nice cuppa, not think about the devastating mess that Theresa May is leading us in to.

What about Brexit? No plan, no idea, and we are the laughing stock of Europe. Social Care? I wrote about Corbyn skewering May at PMQs over Social Care funding. She told a clear lie as pointed out in my blog. Did the media call it out? No, of course not.

They are complicit.

We have a hunger crisis, a rail crisis, a prison crisis, an education crisis, even the cabinet are in crisis. But so what?! Let us all look at Jeremy Corbyn trying to fend off one botched attempt after another from his own politically confused MPs.

I think my point stands. We have a government in absolute crisis, and they need holding to account, by the official opposition, and by us.

Have an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my blogs and thank you for all your donations towards my campaign costs and your very kind support.


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