Failing Chris Grayling: The Minister For Dishonesty And Ineptitude

Let us be clear about this. Grayling is an absolute disaster. Known to be, shall we say, less than honest, and every governmental department he touches turns to rubble. In my humble opinion Chris Grayling is the most USELESS government minister in British political history. Somehow, Theresa May appointed him as Secretary of State for Transport back in July. What has Grayling got on these people? In fact, don't answer that. I don't think I want to know.

Lets take a brief look at some of Grayling's 'Best Bits':

Grayling famously claimed that  billions of pounds are lost to benefit fraud  which was based on figures showing that £2.5 billion was lost due to fraud and error in the system.  It then turned out that the amount lost to fraud alone was less than £1bn. Grayling has never apologised for distorting figures. This led to the likes of Richard Desmond's (yuk) Express tabloid claiming 75% off benefit claimants on the sick are scrounging thieves. This coming from a porn peddler? If people ever need to know why disability hate crime exists then I'd suggest its the like of The Express, Mail and S*n that play a huge part in giving some sort of validation to the idiotic perpetrators that commit the crime. Just a theory though.

Another Grayling lie was uncovered when he claimed violent crime had soared under a Labour government and he deliberately chose to ignore the change in the way crime had been recorded which led to a furious rebuke from the UK National Statistics Authority.  Chairman Sir Michael Scholar was forced to write to Grayling accusing  him of misleading the public and risking damage to public trust in official statistics. A Tory manipulating figures? Now there's a surprise.

We aren't done there. Back in August 2009 Grayling made a 'Broken Britain' headline-grabbing speech in which he likened life in Manchester to that in Baltimore, Maryland, as portrayed in the acclaimed television series The Wire. “When The Wire comes to Britain’s streets, it is the poor who suffer most. It is the poor who are the ones who have borne the brunt of the surge in violence under this Government,” he said. Manchester has a population almost five times that of Baltimore, yet Baltimore has a murder rate around seven times higher than the Northern city. His friend and colleague, Boris Johnson, described Grayling's comparison as "absolute nonsense". 

Can you sense a theme here?

It gets worse. Grayling was secretly recorded (audio) suggesting that people who ran bed and breakfasts in their homes should "have the right" to turn away homosexual couples. If ever you needed to try and understand the thinking of Chris Grayling then this tells you so much about him. A quick look at his voting record shows he voted against the initial legislation to establish civil partnerships, against fertility treatment for gay couples and was absent from the vote on repealing the notorious Section 28. Do you think Chris has an issue with homosexuality?

Moving on... In his time as welfare minister Grayling named Deloitte Ingeous as "preferred bidders" for seven out of 40 contracts being awarded by his department to get people off benefits and into jobs. Chris declared a donation of £27,978 from Deloitte prior to the Tories taking over in 2010. 

Can you see how it works yet?

A browse through some of his expense claims are quite revealing. 

Chris claimed thousands of pounds to renovate a flat in central London, bought with a mortgage funded at taxpayers’ expense, even though his constituency home is less than 17 MILES from the House of Commons. Neighbours said they rarely, if ever saw Chris at his luxury flat. The Mystery Of Chris Grayling's Expenses also provides an insight in to what he really is all about. Chris knows how to play the system rather well. He employs his wife on a handsome salary of somewhee between £35-40,000, paid for by you.

Still not done with you Chris.

Earlier this year Grayling tabled a motion arguing that MPs who are arrested should have the right not to be named until they are charged, protected under the Human Rights Act. Now pardon me for pointing out the obvious Chris, but YOU want to scrap the Human Rights Act, No? One rule for them and one rule for us in Tory Britain.

Why on earth should MPs get any sort of extra human rights?

In his quite literally disastrous time as Justice Secretary, Chris was accused by the outgoing chief inspector Nick Hardwick of trying to interfere with prison reports. A damning allegation, again suggesting Grayling isn't the most pleasant of people. He wanted criticisms of the government removed from a report, painted in a positive light according to Mr Hardwick. This article  from the excellent Vox Political showed Grayling had been drawing up contracts which will ensure profits for the period of the next two parliaments – for private companies (G4S, Serco et all) taking over probation services, and massive penalties for the next government if it cancels the contracts. “Taxpayers will face a £300m-£400m penalty if controversial probation privatisation contracts are cancelled after next May’s general election under an “unprecedented” clause that guarantees bidders their expected profits over the 10-year life of the contract,” according to The Guardian. How to play havoc with the nations finances, by Failing Chris Grayling.

Now Grayling finds himself heading up Transport. Tory MP Bob Neill has already called for Grayling's resignation after he was accused of putting politics ahead of passengers a when a leaked letter showed he opposed the devolution of suburban rail services in the London area to keep the network "out of the clutches" of a Labour mayor. Grayling announced that he would not be handing control of routes currently operated by Southeastern to London Mayor Sadiq Khan despite the Government and then-mayor Boris Johnson publishing a joint prospectus in support of the measure in January. The Evening Standard published a letter written in 2013 by Mr Grayling to Mr Johnson in which he said he was against the policy. The Rail industry is currently in crisis, caused by Grayling and made worse by Grayling. Does Theresa May honestly have confidence in Grayling to sit down and talk with unions? No, nor do I Theresa. Again I ask, what has he got on her?

It would only be right to finish off with Grayling's latest failings. A video emerged of Grayling opening his car door and sending a cyclist and his bicycle flying into a lamppost, leaving him dazed and bruised on the pavement. The cyclist said his bike sustained a damaged wheel, brakes, mudguard and lost its lights. 

One blog I read earlier described Grayling as a "lying, cheating, scheming, money-grabbing bastard".  I've tried hard to find some reason to disagree with that statement, but I all I can do is simply endorse it.

The most useless minster in the history of British politics is a dangerous man.


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