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Sunday, 18 December 2016

124,000 Homeless Children: Merry Christmas From The Tory Government

Shelter have just revealed the number of children waking up homeless on Christmas Day this year is 124,000. The original estimate was a staggering and disgusting 120,000. The Tories have managed to add another, 4,000 to that number. And we aren't just talking about children in temporary flats and houses (often rented by the local authority from private landlords at extortionate costs), its so so much worse than this. Action is needed now Theresa May. You may not be fully responsible for this astonishing crisis but you are the one that's in charge, even if we had no say in your crowning whatsoever. 

Deal with it, and deal with it now.

Data released by the Department for Communities and Local Government reveals a rise of more than 300% since 2014 in the number of families in England who are being housed ILLEGALLY (for more than the statutory maximum period of six weeks) in B&B's by local authorities, because they cannot find any alternative places.

The cause? Welfare cuts, rising rents, and a lack of social and affordable housing and all of these are things your government should be dealing with. Instead of this we have children growing up in Bed and Breakfast's and temporary accommodation because local authorities have no other option.

Does Theresa May know that up to A THIRD OF YOUNG PEOPLE are turned away by the local authority unaided? I doubt she cares in the slightest.

Successive governments have failed. If anyone wants to tell me its all the fault of the migrants that prop up our public services as you eat your Turkish kebab, drinking your Polish beer and employing them for wages that British people simply won't work for then you may as well jog on now and hook up with Paul Nuttall's Barmy Army.

If I hear one more person say "If I had brown skin I'd get a house off the council straight away" I may actually scream. That argument is absolute codswallop. I know, I've been there, in fact I am 'there' now, my kids are amongst the 124,000 classed as homeless. So I do have a little bit of a head start on this one. We can't keep on blaming the failings of government on migrants, we really can't, we are just letting them get away with it.

Even now I can imagine some thinking that we all have the latest iPhones and Sky TV. If you believe everything you see on Benefit Street (production company 70% owned by Sky) then I pity you. Its not hard to find a gullible claimant o play up for the cameras in the name of 'entertainment'. Its not entertaining, its poverty porn and its disgusting.

Before you go, please take a look at this short video released by Shelter. It shows what its like for a family living in a hostel. Glenn and his family are not alone, Britain has a crisis on its hands and its not dealing with it. But everyone look at Theresa May's new £995 trousers instead, made by workers earning as little as £1.49 an hour. If the Tories could get away with it here, they would.

Lets all hope those 124,000 children have the best Christmas possible and a better 2017. 

Although with this hard-right Tory government I really can't see it getting any better.


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